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Preventing Mold After Water Damage

A water damage emergency is a situation in which you have no control. However, whether your home suffers from subsequent mold damage IS something that you can effect. Mold needs four things to grow: Moisture (liquid water) Food (typically starch or sugar) Temperature between 41° and 104° Oxygen Mold spores are always present in the […]

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Avoiding Frozen Pipes In Idaho

Here in Idaho Falls, frigid weather creates havoc with your water supply. When it freezes inside a plumbing line, it expands, increases the pressure inside, and bursts right out of the pipe. As you probably know, you can prevent pipes from cracking during extreme cold by turning on your faucets to allow a slow but […]

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3 Tips For Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage is a difficult situation to discover in your home or business. Typically, a water disaster is unannounced and sometimes is not found for some time. Although long-standing water can cause devastating problems to any property, a water disaster that has just occurred can be extremely damaging as well. The damage caused by water […]

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