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Coming across unwanted mold in a residential or commercial property can be an unsettling discovery. Not only does it compromise the structure, but it can release unpleasant odors, create a dirty appearance, and trigger allergic-like reactions. 

At Restore Rite, we will get a handle on any mold problem you experience in your home or business. Trust our licensed and trained professionals to get the job done right and help you return to normalcy in your daily life.

Restore Rite’s Mold Removal Process

Visual Inspections

Our inspection process will help determine the best course of action for proper mold removal. In cases where mold is not visible but suspected, we can check for common indicators of mold growth, such as increased humidity or moisture content. 

Trained & Certified Professionals

Our technicians have undergone specialized training to ensure the proper and safe removal of mold from your property. We go the extra mile to ensure the mold is contained and thoroughly removed to minimize the possibility of the mold returning. 

Specialized Removal Methods

It’s important to know that mold cannot simply be removed – the conditions that allowed the mold to grow must also be remediated. Mold growth often occurs after a water damage loss or due to unseen water damage. We’ll make sure the area is dried properly, the source of the water is eliminated, and will execute the most effective methods in safe mold removal.

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Put a Stop to Mold for Good

No property owner wants to deal with a mold problem in their home or business. We know how stressful and troubling this experience can be, and we strive to be there for you to make the process as simple as possible and to help put your mind at ease.

Mold Remediation In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Call Us – Our trained technicians are ready to respond to your call. 
  2. Inspect And Remove – We offer visual inspections to determine the extent of your mold problem, and will safely remove the mold from your property while taking steps to prevent any recurrence.
  3. Return To Normalcy – Enjoy living your life in a safer environment.

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