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Restore Your Property Back to a Healthy Environment

An infectious outbreak or biohazard contamination is a serious concern that can put your and others’ health at risk. Professional disinfection and decontamination services can ensure the threat is mitigated.

Have Confidence in the Safety of Your Home or Business

The health of your home or business is of the utmost importance. It’s also necessary for maintaining confidence in the safety of your property. 

Restore Rite is your local Southeast Idaho disinfection services provider. We are the trusted and qualified team that will always work diligently and with integrity to help our customers. Our team is certified and insured to utilize industry best techniques and equipment to clean and disinfect your property. Call us today!

Advanced Solutions

We use a proven 5-step process for disinfection for the greatest level of protection.

Trained & Certified

We know proper and effective sanitizing methods to deliver the best results.

Customized Services

We have the knowledge and experience to offer disinfection and decontamination services for a variety of property types and industries.

What to Expect: Disinfection & Decontamination

Restore Rite follows all industry standards and procedures for the proper cleaning and removal of hazardous materials. Our experienced team will actively work to limit the spread of contamination while providing comprehensive cleaning and disinfection to kill bacteria, viruses, and other potentially infectious materials.

We understand that each business has unique needs requiring a customized solution for your property. We have the knowledge and experience to offer disinfection and decontamination services for a variety of property types and industries including healthcare, food service, education, government, offices, homes, and more.

Our 5-Step Process for Disinfection

I.C.T. is a 5 step process that mitigates, or disrupts the spread of infection or Breaks the Chain.

1. Incident Site Risk Assessment

We inspect the requested treatment site to see if our process is a good fit for your needs and determine full scope of work.

2. Pre-disinfect

If a disinfectant is needed on some buildup and grime before removal then we show you areas that this may be needed.

3. Load Reduction

Load reduction is the actual removal of grime, buildup, and filth.

4. Forensic Cleaning/Disinfecting

This is a step only taken when cleaning with microfiber towels, and dry cleaning of soft goods is required. The disinfectant is applied utilizing Foggers and Electrostatic sprayers that act as a surfactant for the disinfectant or helps break down the application to smaller micron sizes to get more distribution on the surfaces. It’s basically accessing places not available with normal sprayers, wipes, and rags.

5. Post Site Assessment

We will take a few ATP readings prior to the cleaning on some hard to reach areas and then post ATP readings to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Very nice, easy-going, and very reliable

I would give a 5 star. Everyone that I had the pleasure of working with from Restore Rite was very nice, easy-going, and very reliable about getting things done in a timely manner. They took the extra time to walk you through the process of every step and if they didn't have the answer right away they would go and find it. Thank you all for everything and going the extra mile.

Jenn Greenwood

Honest, friendly, hardworking

These guys are great!! Just a few words and phrases that describe Restore Rite’s owners/employees: honest, friendly, hardworking, always available for questions, knowledgeable, great customer service and gets the job done correctly and in a timely manner... We had issues with our insurance company and Kinyon was super helpful, willing to make calls, and do whatever it took to get the issue resolved. Highly recommended!

Karinne Hoge

Very professional, friendly, punctual

First of all Cooper is Awesome! He did a great job! He is very professional, friendly, punctual and will definitely get to the bottom of the problem. If you are looking for someone or a company that you can trust I would definitely recommend Restore Rite. We had a great experience working with cooper, he was very helpful and I know he strives to do his best! Thanks Restore Rite and Thanks Cooper for the wonderful customer service!

Zac Deloera

Give them a call during your crisis!

You will not find a Company who is more helpful and professional than Restore Rite! Kinyon and his crew are the BEST! They have helped us for 3 months sanitizing our library material during this COVID crisis! Couldn't be more helpful...give them a call during your crisis!

Lisa Harral

Definitely care for their customers

With one call on the weekend, had numerous people showing up to mitigate the damage and then help put everything back better than it was. These people definitely care for their customers and employees, as well as their community. Will use again for sure if needed.

Chuck Carroll

Timely and Professional

I have called on Restore Rite multiple times. Each time, they have come right out and gotten the job done in a timely and professional manner. Would recommend them to my friend and family without hesitation. Thanks Guys!

Lloyd Lee

Highly impressed with the Restore Rite team

Highly impressed with the Restore Rite team and their attention to detail. I recommend their services to everyone. Had a great experience working with them!

Benson Morales

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Our process ensures proper disinfection of surfaces.



Enjoy peace of mind in your freshly sanitized home or business.

Expert Disinfection Services

Don’t let worry and stress keep you from enjoying a safe, clean and healthy indoor environment. Let the experienced, professional team at Restore Rite disinfect and decontaminate your property after a known or suspected exposure and get peace of mind today.

Our disinfection process is safe and effective on a variety of surfaces, and with pre- and post-disinfection testing you can have the confidence you need. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your next service.