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The Do’s And Don’ts When Dealing With Fire And Damage Cleanup

We all know that classic holiday song, “The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.” While it is true, fires are very warm and delightful (especially during winter months in Blackfoot), when a fire gets out of control in your home, it can become catastrophic. If you find yourself dealing with a […]

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Concerns Due To Fire Damage And Lack Of Cleanup

The smoke in the air covering Blackfoot, and most of Eastern Idaho, lately is a constant reminder of the dangers of fires. In fact, there are still a lot of dangers associated with a fire even after the flames have been extinguished. Smoke and soot byproducts spread after a fire, engulf all materials they come […]

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Did A Pipe Cause Water Damage? Here’s What To Do Next 

Of all the water damage disasters that can happen within a home, a burst pipe is one of the worst. Within just a matter of minutes, a burst pipe can send hundreds of gallons of water flooding into your home. Thus, before you even know it, your home can sustain very severe damage. Fortunately, there […]

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Five Ways to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing in Bingham County

Winter is upon us once again in Bingham County, and it’s time to take the proper precautions to make sure your pipes don’t freeze. Frozen pipes can create a major problem for your property and is something you should avoid at all cost. If you do find yourself dealing with the issue of frozen pipes, […]

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About Water Damage Cleanup And Restoration

What is Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration? Water damage cleanup and restoration is the process of restoring water of flood damaged property to its pre-loss condition. How Does Water Damage Occur? Water damage can occur from a wide variety of sources that include but are not limited to: Natural Disasters, such as hurricanes, heavy rain […]

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Basic Fire Prevention Tips

With all the fires breaking out in Idaho recently our crew here at Restore Rite in Blackfoot wanted to provide you with some fire prevention tips to help keep your home or business safe. Fire Prevention Tips How are your gutters? Gutters are great for collecting water and saving your roof from the damage it […]

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Preparing For Water Damage

Take a walk outside to protect what’s inside. Sooner or later, nearly every building experienced water damage. Today is the perfect day to take proactive action and to step outside your home or business and identify potential dangers. Planning ahead can help reduce the impact a water damage loss has on your business. Preparing for […]

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Winter & Spring Water Damage Dangers

With the recent rise of warmer weather, there have been many flood warnings issued for the southeast Idaho area. As the snow continues to melt, your property may be susceptible to flood damage. You may be surprised to learn about the many different ways that water damage can present itself. Below are a few hazards […]

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