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Cooking Fires: Both Inside or Outside The Home

For more than 300,000 years, humans have controlled fire to stay warm, cook food, ward off predators and venture into harsh climates. Even with all that practice, we still have many disasters due to a LACK of fire control. According to a report by the National Fire Protection Association (NAPA), American fire departments responded to […]

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When Windows Let in More Than Sunshine

Windows are some of the best features of your house. You choose them to accent beautiful views, to add natural light and to create a warm homey vibe. However, sometimes they allow wind and water entry to devastate your home. Both new homes and older are susceptible to failure. Window leakage is more than just […]

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Home Water Damage: 7 Factors To Consider

Water damage most often occurs in areas of the house where there are poor ventilation and excess moisture buildup. Such places include bathrooms, kitchens, basements and utility rooms. When water damage happens in a home, it is imperative that a water damage professional is contacted immediately. Immediate cleanup and repair can make the difference between […]

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The Detrimental Effects Water Damage Can Have on Your Home

Water damage can occur in many ways. Spot a leak in your kitchen? Notice your rain gutters aren’t properly redirecting precipitation? Underlying problems due to water damage may be occurring. Water damage can discolor, distort, and harm portions of your home. Water damage can be a major contributor to a loss of property (like the […]

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The Ins and Outs of Broken Pipes

There are a few different reasons why pipes burst. The majority of the time, pipes burst from age, freezing, water pressure, and misuse. Water Pressure Water pressure is something you should always pay attention to in your home because signs of odd water pressure can be related to water damage. When pipes are clogged, water […]

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Knowing the Signs: The First Step to Water Damage Prevention

Preventing home water damage can seem to be redundant and time-consuming, but it definitely beats the alternative. Taking the right preventative measures such as fixing any faulty plumbing early on and redirecting rainwater away from your home, can save you from the headache of a disastrous water damage. If water damage does strike your house, […]

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Recovering From A Fire Disaster

A fire can seriously ruin the holiday season for you and your family. Once the fire has been put out you may feel a flood of emotions, such as fear, disbelief, and anger over the damage caused to your home and your possessions. Recovering from a fire can be a long and difficult process. Having […]

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Five Ways to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing in Bingham County

Winter is upon us once again in Bingham County, and it’s time to take the proper precautions to make sure your pipes don’t freeze. Frozen pipes can create a major problem for your property and is something you should avoid at all cost. If you do find yourself dealing with the issue of frozen pipes, […]

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About Water Damage Cleanup And Restoration

What is Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration? Water damage cleanup and restoration is the process of restoring water of flood damaged property to its pre-loss condition. How Does Water Damage Occur? Water damage can occur from a wide variety of sources that include but are not limited to: Natural Disasters, such as hurricanes, heavy rain […]

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Basic Fire Prevention Tips

With all the fires breaking out in Idaho recently our crew here at Restore Rite in Blackfoot wanted to provide you with some fire prevention tips to help keep your home or business safe. Fire Prevention Tips How are your gutters? Gutters are great for collecting water and saving your roof from the damage it […]

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