What Kind Of Damage Does Your Home Experience In A House Fire?

Experiencing a house fire is one of the worst things most homeowners can imagine. The damage your home and possessions face in a fire is devastating, and no one wants it to happen to them. With its many challenges, the aftermath of a fire incorporates various kinds of damage. fire damage restoration pocatello

Fire Damage Restoration—Pocatello, Idaho

This blog will cover the various types of damages after a house fire.


The most apparent damage caused by a house fire is the scorch marks left by flames. In the most severe fires, entire rooms and the possessions inside can be scorched and burned to ash. House fires contained in one area and extinguished quickly may not be scorched as severely. When a house fire occurs, you should always consider safety first. Do not try to put out large flames yourself—call the fire department instead.

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage from a house fire is frustrating because it can affect your home beyond where it occurred. Smoke can cling to clothes, furniture, carpets, and anything else in your home, and getting rid of the smell can be challenging. You will likely need to have your possessions affected by smoke damage professionally cleaned and restored.

Water Damage

Many homeowners do not think about water damage following a house fire, but it is often part of your problems during fire restoration. First, there could be damage caused by the water used to put the flames out. This unfortunate damage is necessary to ensure the fire is extinguished, but then you still have to deal with the effects of the water. Fire can also cause problems in your pipes if the heat leads to corrosion. Pipes might leak or burst, causing even more water damage on top of everything else.


Fire leads to water damage, and water leads to mold. The water damage your home has experienced will quickly lead to mold growth and further structural issues. To ensure your home’s safety, this problem must be handled during the fire damage restoration process. 

Health Risks

Even after you and your family safely evacuate your home during a fire, you may face some health risks. Smoke inhalation is hazardous and can make it difficult to breathe and cause other respiratory issues such as an asthma attack. If you inhale a lot of smoke, it can lead to chronic health problems. You should be careful once the fire is out because the air is still full of toxins and soot particles that can remain for weeks after the fire. If you experience new or worsening respiratory issues after a fire, seek the professional care of a doctor.

A house fire leaves you feeling overwhelmed with the damages and repairs needing to be completed. When you need help with fire damage restoration in your Pocatello home, call Restore Rite to help you out. Our team of experts will help you restore your home and protect you and your family. Contact us today for your restoration needs.