What Happens During The Restoration Process After A Fire In Your Home?

Of all of the disasters a home can experience, a fire is many homeowners’ worst nightmare. It can wreak tremendous havoc on your home and possessions in a matter of minutes. If you experience a fire in your house, it is vital that you and your family evacuate your home and call the fire department immediately. However, once the fire is out, what happens next?

Fire Damage Cleanup – Idaho Falls, Idaho

Here is what you can expect a fire damage restoration company to do once they come into your home and start the cleanup process. fire damage cleanup idaho falls

Inspection And Cleaning

Fire can do a considerable amount of damage to your home. It is important to know how serious and extensive it is. A restoration company will first inspect your home and see what reconstruction and repair work will need to be done. They will carry out any damaged possessions so they can be cleaned and repaired at a safe location away from your home. Next, they will begin cleaning the soot and ash off the surfaces in your home.

Cleaning Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can extend throughout areas in your home where the flames may not have been. Smoke spreads out and causes everything to smell like smoke, even if the fire occurred on the opposite end of the house. It can also cover your home and possessions in a layer of soot. Any clothes, furniture, and possessions affected by the smoke will need to be washed thoroughly to remove the scent. A fire restoration company will work to remove the smoky smell from affected property so your home will go back to being fresh and clean.

Handling Insurance

The best fire damage restoration companies will help you with the claim through your insurance company. Fire damage alone is stressful enough, but filing an insurance claim only adds further frustration. To prevent this, hire a restoration company that will work with your insurance to ensure you are getting taken care of during this difficult time. The restoration company will also keep track of any property losses for you so your insurance can cover them.


Unfortunately in cases of fire damage, there will likely be some reconstruction involved in the restoration process. Your drywall, insulation, and everything that makes up the bones of your house could be damaged and will need to be either fixed or replaced before the restoration is done to ensure that your home is no longer a safety hazard. A professional restoration company will conduct a proper inspection, determine what needs to be repaired, and handle the reconstruction so you don’t have to stress about finding someone else to do it or trying to fix it all yourself.

If you have experienced any damage due to a fire in your Idaho Falls home, call Restore Rite to help you take care of the damage cleanup and restoration. The team of experts will be able to save your property and ensure that your home is returned to a safe and comfortable place for you and your family.