How Is Fire Damage Repaired Following A Fire In Your Home

fire damage cleanup idaho fallsA house fire is one of the worst things people can imagine happening in their homes. Fire damage is incredibly scary, as well as dangerous. Fire damage can also lead to other problems and requires extensive cleanup and repairs to ensure your home is safe and restored to its original state. There are several things that need to happen immediately following a fire to ensure the damage is repaired and your home is restored and safe.

Do Not Enter A Home Following A Fire

In the case of a fire, the best thing you can do is make sure everyone has safely evacuated. Once you are out of the house, do not reenter the house for any reason. Even after the fire in your home has been extinguished, you likely will want to rush back in and see the damage immediately. However, reentering is only safe once professionals have inspected the house and deemed it safe to go inside.

Other Potential Dangers Following A Fire

The fire is just the beginning of your problems. Even after the house fire has been put out and there are no more flames, your home is still at risk of smoke and water damage. Depending on how big the fire got and how far it reached through your home, it must be inspected to ensure that the structure is safe and that other dangers are minimized. 

What Happens First After A Fire?

During the first 24 to 48 hours following a fire, once it is safe for technicians to enter, professionals will inspect the home to find all of the damage. Restoration begins to happen immediately to stop any further damage from occurring. Water was likely used to put out the fire, which means there is now a risk of water damage and fire damage. Professionals will ensure that these areas are properly dried and disinfected to prevent mold from forming and further structural damage to your home.

Soot And Smoke Damage

Even if there are areas of your home that were not affected by the fire, it is still likely that smoke has reached those areas, causing a lingering smell in your home and possessions. Smoke and soot can also cause your walls, floors, and ceiling discoloration. Wall materials can absorb smoke, meaning the smell will continue to linger even after all other damage is repaired. To properly clean this damage, professionals will likely deep clean all walls, floors, carpets, tapestries, ceilings, and possessions.

Fire Damage Cleanup—Idaho Falls

Several factors need to be considered when cleaning up after a fire. To get the most efficient cleanup and repair, it is best to let the professionals at Restore Rite handle everything. Your safety following a house fire is the first concern, so letting technicians take care of the damage repair and cleanup is the best way to ensure you remain safe and your home and possessions are restored. Our team is ready to assist you 24/7.