Prevent Potential Fire Damage Cleanup This Fall

fire damage cleanup idaho fallsThe high temperatures Idaho Falls has been receiving lately mixed with the dryness we naturally have in this area are not a good combination when it comes to fires. Keeping your home and land safe from fire damage should be high on your priority list, especially with the recent heat advisories. 

Fire Damage Cleanup In Idaho Falls

Here are some things you should be aware of that can help prevent fires from starting and leaving you in need of fire damage cleanup.

  • Make sure trailers are properly attached to your vehicle and chains are not dragging. Dragging chains create a lot of friction against the road, and friction causes sparks. Large fires can start from the smallest spark, so avoid creating any unnecessary friction on the roads. 
  • Do not drive or park cars on tall, dry grass or areas close to dry grass or weeds.
  • Avoid fireworks (again, even the smallest sparks can create big problems).
  • Do not go shooting targets or clay pigeons or even use incendiary or tracing ammunition in any setting on hot, dry windy days.
  • When burning ditch banks, use extreme caution, have fire extinguishing tools on hand, make sure there is no wind, and do not leave any flames unattended. If flames start to get out of hand, immediately begin efforts to extinguish the fire, and do not hesitate to call emergency response services. 
  • Avoid having bonfires or open campfires. If you do have an open fire, do not leave it unattended, and be sure to put out the flames completely when done.
  • Be familiar with the current fire restrictions for your area, or any area you plan on visiting and adhere to them fully and completely. Fire restrictions help prevent unwanted wildfires and can be found on the website under the Idaho Department of Lands tab.

Fire damage is devastating and can leave behind a mess that seems hopeless and overwhelming. Every precaution that can be taken to avoid possible fire damage should be followed and adhered to. That being said, sudden accidental fires can still start and leave your home or property in need of fire damage cleanup. Restore Rite is ready to respond to your fire damage emergency 24/7 here in Idaho falls and throughout the Snake River plain to provide you with the best fire damage cleanup services in the area. We know how dangerous and devastating fire damage is, which is why we have devoted our time and energy to learning how to safely and thoroughly clean up fire damage to return your home and property to their pre-loss condition. We know that not all fires are preventable, but we also know that if we are all more cautious and conscience of our actions, we can help reduce the risk of fires starting in the first place. For more information on how you can prevent fires, make your home more fire-safe, and how to successfully clean up after a fire, go to our website or give us a call.