Recovering From A House Fire And Restoration Issues

Fire Damage Restoration PocatelloIn 2020, US fire departments responded to 356,500 home structure fires. Closer to home, more than 550,000 people living in Idaho are living in areas at elevated risk of wildfire. Whether you had a cooking fire, lightning strike or wildfire, after a house fire you need a short term plan and then some long term solutions.  

Fire Damage Restoration In Pocatello

During The First Few Hours…

.. you need to focus on safety.  

  • Confirm with the local fire marshalls that the space is safe to enter. Listen to their advice and instructions i.e. incident report for insurance.
  • Contact utility companies to turn the utilities off: gas, water, electric, etc
  • Call your insurance agent (or use the app)  to get that process going
  • Alert The Restore Rite team. Don’t start to clean any of the smoke damage yourself; wait for experienced professionals with proper safety equipment.

In The Next Day Or Two

Try to get a good night’s sleep and eat well, your nervous system has been through a lot. You need to switch from survival mode to action mode. When the Restore Rite team arrives, they will inspect for safety– identifying structural damage, exposed electrical wires, or weak spots in the floors.

Start organizing your damage inventory list. Do you work better with paper or a spreadsheet? Choose a method and start taking pictures. Gather amounts paid, dates purchased and save any receipts. Add more details as you remember during the process. Don’t throw out anything away until your claim has been settled (unless the adjuster agrees.) 

Plus, the water used to put out the fire can also lead to rot, mold, and mildew. The Restore Rite will attack any standing water and dry out the house. Commercial dehumidifiers or fans might be placed to remove moisture from the air to prevent further damage.

One of the most important steps after a house fire is to coordinate with your insurance company to maximize your benefits and increase efficiency. They might help with:  

  • Storage for possessions while you are without a home
  • Pay for a hotel or rental unit while you rebuild;  cover meals in the interim
  • Inform you of applicable laws, permits, or regulations
  • Help you secure your home; board up broken windows or doors to prevent theft 

Schedule and Plan to Rebuild

Now that you’ve a minute to catch your breath, it’s time to coordinate the insurance team and Restore Rite to plan your project. Restore Rite will identify which areas can be cleaned and what needs to be replaced. 

When all unsalvageable items have been removed, the home restoration team will start to clean. Depending on the items and their level of damage, specific cleaning solutions and methods will be used. Over the first few days, they will scour every inch of the damaged area: counters, appliances, drywall, ceilings, and floors.  

Only then can the full extent of damage be determined in order to plan the fire damage restoration schedule. Restore Rite will act as the general contractor and coordinate the trades so you can concentrate on getting back to normal.

Contact The Pros

Unexpected disasters like a home fire causes a great deal of stress. After a fire, you’ll need both short-term and long-term action to get your life back to normal. Call Restore Rite immediately to bring in manpower and expertise to get the business up – ASAP. When you call with a water damage emergency, the team responds immediately. Call for help preventing or cleaning up winter water damage in Pocatello, Idaho.