Water Damage Cleanup Timeline

water damage cleanup idaho fallsHave you ever wondered why water damage cleanup companies are available 24/7 with emergency response services? Well, the answer is simple. When it comes to water damage cleanup, time is of the essence. The sooner the water source can be stopped, the water can be extracted, and then the affected area dried out, the least amount of damage will ensue. As water sits,  damages worsen. To ensure the best cleanup for your home, you need to act fast. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Idaho Falls

The following timeline shows just how important every minute is when it comes to water damage cleanup in your Idaho Falls home.

  • Minutes after water damage has occurred, materials exposed to the water will begin to absorb the water. Water will continue to spread rapidly, saturating everything it comes into contact with. As porous materials are initially exposed to water, they will start to soak up as much as they can. For paper goods, this means they will deteriorate very quickly and if they are not removed from the water within a matter of minutes, they will no longer be salvageable.
  • 24 hours after water damage has occurred, materials still exposed to water like textiles, fabrics, upholstery, carpet, and carpet padding, will become heavy and sodden with all the extra weight of the absorbed water. Other materials like wood, drywall, and insulation will begin to shows signs of water damage such as; swelling, bowing, warping, bending, cracking, and peeling. Any metal objects in the are will begin to tarnish while colors from dyed fabrics or rugs can begin to bleed out and stain surrounding materials. The electrical system in the area has become extremely compromised at this point, and there is a high risk of electrocution if there is standing water. Standing water can also begin to harbor microbial growth, and chemicals that have mixed with the water make it highly contaminated and dangerous upon contact.
  • 48 hours after water damage has occurred, mold will begin to grow. Mold spores can attach to any surface, and once water becomes available will begin to grow and spread. Stagnant water not only lends to mold growth but also other harmful microorganisms. Wood furniture and framing of the home will warp, threatening the structural integrity of the home. Any metal objects by this point will show signs of corrosion, and rust will be apparent. Materials that are still sitting in water at this point may have to be discarded as they will continue to deteriorate until the water is extracted and dried.
  • If water is still present one week after the initial damage has occurred, restoration becomes a much more extensive and expensive process. Structural repairs will be required for all sodden materials including sheetrock, drywall, insulation, and wood. Water is considered grossly contaminated at this point, and anti-microbial cleaning will be required to remediate the problem. Few items and belongings are able to be salvaged after this long, and only trained professionals should handle water damage cleanup of this magnitude.

It is clear to see how time can actually work against you when it comes to water damage cleanup – that is unless you call in the professionals at Restore Rite. We know how important every minute is in ensuring the best possible outcome for your home, and that is why we will be there as soon as disaster strikes to begin mitigating further damage and start the cleanup as soon as possible