The Dangers of Letting Smoke Go Untreated In Idaho Falls

fire damage cleanup idaho fallsSmoke and fire damage can destroy your personal belongings and structures. A fast reaction can assist you lessen the impact of the damage as most of your household items can be washed and salvaged if treated right away. As such, you need to move quickly to hire an expert to assist you in properly managing the damage. But, if left unattended, fire and smoke damage could be more extremely damaging. Below are the dangers of letting smoke damage in your home go untreated.

1. Extensive Damage

 When ash and smoke mix with water, they create a very corrosive substance. This corrosive liquid starts to erode walls, floorboards, ceilings, and any other surfaces in your house if not treated quickly. Trying to clean up with water and soap is not going to be enough. In order to limit the damages, the substance must be cleaned thoroughly with the necessary chemicals. The elements of smoke can also endanger the lives of anyone who resides in the structure.

2. Structural Damage

In the aftermath of a structural fire, smoke damage adds to the problem. Not only do homeowners have to cope with the devastation of heat and flames, but smoke can creep into every surface in the house. However, damages inflicted by airborne ash and smoke are not just superficial. When those materials mix with the water fire crews use to put out the fire, a corrosive component is created, which can damage metal and wood surfaces and compromise your home’s structural stability. To make the corrosive chemical inert and avoid further harm, professional fire damage cleanup experts must use special cleaners to remove the smoke and soot.

3. Increasing Restoration Costs

Smoke damage that is not treated does not get better with time. Instead, it can deteriorate, and the damage will worsen with time, increasing the cost of cleanup. The more you wait to remedy smoke damage after a fire, the more deeply ingrained the smells will become. This means using more aggressive methods to eliminate the bad odor, and that equates to higher restoration costs.

4. Soot Deposits

The first step in cleaning out soot residue and deposits is to neutralize them. Soot can quickly move and spread into other rooms which were not damaged by the fire. This will stain the wall paint, furniture, carpet, curtains, clothing, and any other home materials if left unattended for a long time.

5. Permanent Damage

If smoke damage restoration starts quickly after a fire, there may be a good possibility that the impacts of the smoke can be significantly reduced. However, If the smoke is left to soak into objects like drywall, sofas, and floors, there is very little chance of ever getting rid of the terrible odor and toxic exposure that comes with untreated smoke damage. As a result, smoke damage restoration should be done as soon as possible after a fire to avoid long-term damage that is difficult to repair.

Fire Damage Cleanup in Idaho Falls

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