Fire Damage Cleanup Idaho Falls

fire damage cleanup idaho fallsHaving your home and valuable possessions destroyed by fire is one of the most serious losses a homeowner can sustain. Fires can be traumatizing whether they happen at home or at work. The damage caused by fire exists long after the flames are extinguished, making getting back to normal difficult. But once our experts are done working on your property, normalcy returns.

We make sure that every fire damage cleanup technician at Restore Rite is more than just a talented professional. They are caring individuals ready to quickly restore your home to its former state while keeping you well informed. 

Fire Damage Cleanup: What is it?

As part of the cleanup and restoration process, smoke and water damage must also be addressed as it’s a complex, multi-step process. Recovery from fire damage occurs during the “golden hours,” which are the first 24 to 48 hours following the damage. In fortunate cases, most of the property can be recovered through an effective emergency response that stabilizes the building quickly. 

Fires can also affect the structure of the home or commercial property, and it may need board-up services to protect it from damage. It may be necessary to board up as well as repair the structural damage depending on the severity of the fire.

The Restoration Process for Fire Damage

Depending on the cause and extent of the fire damage, the cleaning process may differ. In fire damage restoration, measures are taken immediately to mitigate damage, provide smoke damage cleanup, and restore water damages.  

This includes removing standing water and making structural repairs. It also includes removing soot and smoke particles from the vents, deodorizing the house to remove smoke smells, removing and replacing damaged contents, eradicating smoke smells, and ensuring good air quality.

Here Are a Few Quick Tips For When You Experience Fire Damage

When you experience smoke or fire damage, here are a few helpful tips:

  • You can reduce smoke odor by opening windows. 
  • Prevent permanent tarnishing or etching of laminate surfaces as well as chrome, porcelain, and aluminum fixtures by cleaning them thoroughly.
  • Replace the air filter on your furnace if it produces hot air.
  • If your clothing has heavy smoke damage, have it professionally restored.
  • It is not wise to handle anything with your bare hands.
  • Avoid washing your walls. Improper cleaning could exacerbate soot buildup.
  • If possible, do not attempt to clean upholstered furniture or carpets.
  • Don’t use any electrical appliances before having them inspected.
  • Don’t consume any food that has been opened.

Fire Damage Cleanup Services in Idaho Falls

It takes special skills to clean up fire damage on a property – from protecting it from water and smoke damage to repairing its structural integrity to cleaning personal items. The experts at Restore Rite understand all these aspects of fire damage.

Thermal fogging is a technique that is used by professionals to eliminate odors caused by fire. In attics and insulation that absorbs odors, thermal fogging can help clear the air. In the course of fire damage cleanup, our technicians will assist you in making the right decisions about repairs, restorations, or replacements. A structural evaluation of your property’s major components, such as the roof, walls, floors, and insulation, occurs before we repair fire damage.

Our fire damage cleanup services in Idaho Falls include handling all types of fire damage, such as electrical shorts and kitchen fires. We also clean smoke stains, remove odors, and repair flame-related damage. Our professionals are on standby ready to help if you need fire cleanup and repair services.