How To Assess The Severity Of Water Damage & Cleanup Costs

water damage cleanup pocatello, water damage restoration pocatello, water damage repair pocatelloAssessing the severity of the water damage caused by a flood is an essential element of the water damage restoration process. In fact, it’s one of the first things our team at Restore Rite does for any water damage events in Pocatello. From our water damage cleanup experts here are three simple tips for helping you do this on your own after a flood. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Pocatello

How Far Has The Water Spread?

One of the tricky things with floods is that the water can travel a long way from where the flood first originated. As this happens, what began as a relatively small flood can develop into a serious problem as the water gets into the walls, furniture, basement, and pretty much anything else that gets in its way. With this in mind, determining how far the water has spread is not always a quick process. You should never underestimate the scope of the damage so unless you are positive the water couldn’t have spread you should check your entire home to ensure you know where all the pockets of water are located.

Is The Water Contaminated?

Even relatively small floods can be extremely dangerous if they contain any grey or black water. Grey water is the term for floodwater that contains a medium amount of contamination. It should only be handled by professional water damage cleanup experts with the utmost caution. An example of grey water is overflowing toilet water that contains urine but not feces. Black water is the term for the most severe type of contaminated water. You should avoid contact with black water at all costs as it can cause serious illness and even death. An example of black water is a sewage spill that makes its way into your home. Overall, both these types of water come from sewers, toilets, and other home appliances, and they carry a wide variety of bacteria and other pathogens. Use extreme caution and never expose yourself to contaminated water unnecessarily. 

How Long Has The Water Been In The Home?

Absorbent materials like drywall, carpet, furniture, and pretty much everything else that takes on water are at serious risk from water damage. Unless such items are quickly removed from the home and the drying process begins immediately, they may be damaged beyond repair. Another way that time can increase water damage is through mold growth. Mold can begin spreading within 24-48 hours after a flood. All in all, the length of time that water remains in a home after a flood is one of the key determinants of how severe the damage is. Call for professional water damage cleanup help immediately if your home is ever flooded so the water removal process can begin without delay.

Assessing the extent of water damage after a flood is a critical step after a flood. While the bulk of this should be handled by professional water damage cleanup experts, like those at Restore Rite, you should also be able to estimate the severity of the damage on your own. We hope you find the tips given above helpful for doing just that!