Blowing Out Sprinklers Before Water Damage and Cleanup Hits 

water damage cleanup idaho falls, water damage idaho falls, water damage repair idaho fallsFall has hit Idaho Falls full force. As the leaves fall, so does the temperature. Along with sweaters and pumpkin everything, fall can also bring freezing temperatures which can mean bad news for your sprinkler system. It is so important to properly shut down and blow out your sprinklers before temperatures get to freezing, or you could end up with some serious water damage.

Water Damage Cleanup In Idaho Falls 

Since most people here in Eastern Idaho are familiar with the risks of frozen pipes, it should come as no surprise that that risk can also apply to your sprinkler system. If there is standing water left in the pipes that supply your sprinkler system when temperatures drop to freezing, it will freeze the water. Water expands when it freezes, putting unnecessary stress and strain on the pipes, which are not built to support any expansion. When the pressure gets to be too much, the pipes could burst. Once temperatures rise again and water thaws, it will leak or even flood out of the pipes. Any time excess water builds up outside or around the foundation of your home, it has the potential to find its way inside and lead to water damage. Water sprinkler lines are some of the most susceptible to freezing because there is no insulation or exposure to heat, so standing water left behind needs to be blown out in preparation for cold weather. 

Blowing out your sprinkler system lines must be done correctly to ensure that there are no costly water leaks in the future. The only way to successfully prevent leaks is to expel all water from the sprinkler system’s pipes. To fully drain the system, you use either the manual or automatic drain valves. Automatic valves rely on the laws of gravity to push the water out of the pipes but cannot be relied on alone if you want to assure that all the water is removed. The best and most adequate way to remove all the water before it has the opportunity to freeze is to have it blown out with pressurized air. However, this process is not as easy as it may sound. If there is not enough air pressure applied, water will be left behind. On the other hand, if too much air pressure is used it can damage the pipes and cause bursts – which is the exact thing we are trying to avoid by removing the water in the first place. Because of the risks involved, it is best to call a landscaping, irrigation, or sprinkler system company with trained technicians to ensure that your sprinkler system is correctly prepared for freezing temperatures and to avoid leaks.

When your sprinkler system leaks, the water meant to keep your grass green will build up under the ground and threaten the foundation and basement of your home. Whenever excess water builds up around your foundation, it will begin to work its way inside. This type of water damage could lead to structural damage and mold growth. Water damage can become an extensive problem, and oftentimes requires cleanup and restoration to remediate the problem. The good news in all of this is Restore Rite knows how to handle water damage cleanup and repair, regardless of the cause or time of year. So be sure to get your sprinkler system blown out to prevent water damage, but even if water damage does occur, call Restore Rite for all your water damage cleanup needs.