Four Hurdles A Water Damage Company Can Help You Overcome

Water damage restorationwater damage restoration idaho falls, water damage company idaho halls, water damage idaho falls rarely goes as smoothly as expected. This is because there are so many complications that can come up during the restoration process. Although these complications can’t always be avoided, being aware of them can at least help you be prepared if they do come up. Our water damage restoration technicians at Restore Rite in Idaho Falls are well aware of these issues and prepared to help you manage them. Here are details on four of these complications listed below. 

Contaminated Water

Contaminated water poses a serious hazard during the water damage restoration process. Not only is the contamination hazardous, but it also makes the mess much more difficult to clean up. There are three different classification of contamination in floodwater: clean water, grey water, and black water. Floodwater that contains mild to moderate contamination is classified as grey water while floodwater that contains sewage or toxic chemicals is known as black water. 

You should avoid contact with floodwater that is classified as grey water or black water since it can lead to serious illness or even death in severe cases. It’s also important that your home is thoroughly sanitized after being flooded with contaminated water. Along with leaving behind dangerous bacteria, the contamination can also leave behind a foul odor in your home. 

Electrical Problems

A flood can wreak havoc on the electrical systems in your home. It can cause short circuits and completely ruin electrical appliances in some cases. Electrical issues can also pose a significant threat to your health after a flood since water conducts electricity. For this reason, you should never walk into standing water in your home after a flood if the electricity is still on.

Mold Growth

Mold growth is easily the most common complication that occurs after a flood. Mold only requires a day to begin growing after a flood so unless the water damage restoration process is begun immediately, it is likely that a mold problem will occur. The reason why mold is so problematic is due to the fact that it can cause structural damage over time. Additionally, inhaling mold spores can lead to a score of health problems such as coughing, sneezing, sore throat, red/itchy eyes, asthma, and so forth. 

Structural Damage

Whether structural damage occurs after a flood is dependent on the force of the initial floodwater and how long the floodwater remained in the home before being removed. The force of the water can cause damage and the presence of water over an extended period of time can wear down the structure of a home. 

Your Best Water Damage Company In Idaho Falls

Getting through the water damage restoration process can be a stressful and taxing time. Fortunately, we at Restore Rite in Idaho Falls are here to help! Give us a call right away if your home is ever flooded so we can help you get through the restoration process and help you endure any of the complications that may occur.