Idaho Falls Water Damage: Steps

Water damage is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, and, if it’s not, it should be. Water is everywhere in your home, and, if something goes wrong, it can be very hard to control. If not dealt with properly after a flooding incident happens in your Idaho Falls home, you could be looking at terribly high expenses, permanent losses, musty odors, structural damage and more. And, it is incredibly common! Odds are, that if you are a homeowner, you will eventually have some issues with water damage. Floods can happen fast and cause extensive water damage if not handled properly. You need to be prepared to act fast in the event that you experience a flood in order to minimize losses.

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Here’s a five-step plan of things to do right away when you experience flooding: 

  1. Remember: Safety First. Don’t panic and make health or safety mistakes. If water may be contaminated, wear water-proof clothing if possible. Before assessing flood damages in any part of your home, make sure power to the area is turned off. Keep pets and children away from affected areas. 
  2. Check out the situation. Try to see where the water is coming from, and stop it from flowing if you can, by blocking or catching it. You may try shutting off your water supply. Half of the battle against water damage is having an accurate idea of what exactly is causing it, and being able to take steps to stop it. Take pictures of damages. 
  3. Call a professional. One of the most common mistakes with minor flooding is thinking you can restore everything yourself. While some water damage can be corrected using home methods, calling a professional is always advisable because mistakes or areas overlooked in the restoration process can lead to mold growth in tricky places and musty odors. In the long run, it may be far more reliable and cost-efficient to get professional help right from the start. 
  4. Begin the drying process while you wait for help. It can be helpful to remove loose articles from the area, like clothing on the ground or rugs, as these can stain the carpet or flooring underneath. Take care to watch out for valuables and remove sensitive items to safer locations if possible. Depending on how high water levels are, you can put plywood or a tarp underneath legs of furniture to prevent it from sitting in sopping-wet carpet. 
  5. Do anything you can to dry things out. Declutter the area, expose it to an air flow, and perhaps set up fans or space heaters (but make sure they are removed enough from affected areas especially where plugged in that they are electrically safe. If you have questions about this, call your water damage restoration professional.) 

Flooding can be brutal  and so can the ensuing water damage, but taking these steps to minimize your damages will help tremendously should you experience flooding. For flooding in Idaho Falls, Idaho, be sure to call Restore Rite. While flooding may be a nightmare, working with us is a dream; we’re here to quickly and efficiently serve you and help you fix your water damage emergency.