3 Major Post-Flood Hazards

flood damage idaho falls, flood damage cleanup idaho falls, flood damage repair idaho fallsA flood alone is pretty terrible. Sadly, the negative consequences can continue to roll in long after the initial flooding has passed. Because these hazards can be just as, or even more, destructive than the actual flood, it is important that you are aware of them and know how to prevent them and what to do if they do occur. Here are the three main post-flood hazards seen by our professional restoration experts at Restore Rite in Idaho Falls.

Mold Growth

It is not easy to prevent mold growth from occurring after a flood. This is because a flooded home provides the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Even when the standing water from the flood has been removed, if the remaining moisture from the flood isn’t also dried out mold growth will still occur. The consequences of mold growth after flooding range from minor inconvenience to a destructive force that can severely damage your home. Mold growth causes the most damage when it grows unabated for a long period of time and begins growing inside your walls and ceilings. Then this happens, the only feasible way to remove all the mold is often to completely tear down the walls. A restoration company’s top priority is to remove all the water and moisture from your home after a flood as quickly as possible to prevent this from happening to your home.

Contaminated Water

The most dangerous part about floodwater often isn’t the water itself but what the water contains. Floodwater often contains dangerous bacteria and microorganisms that can cause serious illness and disease if ingested or touched. If your home is ever flooded, one of your first steps should be to determine if the water comes from a sanitary source. The worst kind of contaminated floodwater is floodwater that contains sewage or harsh chemicals. On the cleaning and restoration industry, this is referred to as Blackwater. Contact with floodwater that is this severely contaminated can cause serious health problems and even death in serious cases. 

Structural Damage

There are two main ways in which flooding can cause structural damage to your home. First, a flood can cause damage when the force of the water is enough to damage the structure of the home. This usually occurs when natural disasters cause floods with large amounts of water that is moving at a quick speed. The second type of damage, however, can occur no matter the source of the flood. This occurs when floodwater accumulates in your home and causes gradual deterioration. The key to preventing this type of damage is removing the water and drying out all remaining moisture as soon as possible.

If you have any reason to believe that the floodwater may be contaminated it is best that you avoid the floodwater and give us a call at Restore Rite in Idaho Falls and our restoration experts will come right away to restore your home and keep you safe.