5 Common Water Damage Scenarios

water damage cleanup pocatello, water damage pocatelloIf you have ever bought homeowners insurance and looked through your policy trying to figure out what things to remove, you may have looked at flood insurance and paused. Do you live in a floodplain? Do you live in an area with hurricanes? If the answers to these questions are “no,” you are still face flooding risks. Though storms seem to be the most common cause of flooding, storms are not the only culprit. In fact, in Pocatello, they are probably not even high on the list of common causes for water damage. Here are some common water damage cleanup scenarios that Restore Rite handles often. 

Roof Leak

One big cause of property water damage is problems with your roof. The exterior and roof are like your home’s skin; if it has a hole in it, the outside elements could get in. Damage to your roof can go unnoticed for days and even weeks if you go through a period with little rain. If you notice any bowing of ceilings in your home or wrinkling of paint on your walls, you might have a small leak, but most leaks will make themselves known with a trickle through your ceiling. If you have any wind storms, make sure you check your roof right away for debris and damage. 

Appliance Problem

Another common problem requiring a water damage cleanup crew is having an appliance that has an issue like your laundry machine or dishwasher. There are a number of malfunctions that could happen with different appliances, but you do want to have a professional come to do the cleanup work so you can be assured that every drop of moisture has been dried. 


Many homeowners, especially first-time homeowners, do not know how to properly winterize and manage their sprinkler systems. Water that is left in the pipes of sprinkler systems will expand when they freeze and this will cause the pipe to burst. To prevent this from happening, you will need to remove all the water from the pipes and turn off the water source before the first frost. Issues from sprinklers may not seem like a big deal, since they are outside, but outside water can leak in causing water damage in the inside. 

Sewer Malfunction

If you have any sewage coming up through the pipes and into your bathroom, you should call a professional water damage cleanup crew immediately. Sewage isn’t super fun to clean up anyway, but it can be very dangerous to your health if you need more incentive to call a professional. Sewer damage is the most dangerous water damage out there because of the number of bad bacteria involved. 

Pipe Leaks

Another common cause of water damage to properties are leaks in the plumbing. Toilets, bathtubs, and sinks often overflow or pipes inside the wall malfunction and spring a leak. In bathrooms, we typically find mold before the actual water damage. If you smell any mustiness in any room of your home, it could be mold due to unknown water damage. Be sure to call a professional and get some help right away. 

There are many causes of water damage other than storms. Though they can be prevented many times, they are not always completely avoidable. Make sure that you are wary of the common causes of water damage and how to avoid them.