What A Water Damage Cleanup Company Can Do For You

water damage cleanup pocatello, water damage restoration pocatelloYou might think you know what a water damage cleanup company does, but it may surprise you the number of things that a professional can save from permanent damage. Here are some areas where a professional can help you salvage after a water damage experience.


When people think of water damage, they probably first think about structural water damage cleanup. This includes, but is not limited to sheetrock repair, subfloor replacement, and drying techniques. A water damage repair company is equipped with all the right tools to make this process fast and effective. Of course, knowledge and experience are a restoration company’s best tools. After that, a great pumping system to get the water out of your home is a must. They should also have thermal imaging technology that measures how much moisture is trapped within walls and flooring. This will help them know how extensive the structural damage is and what they will need to do to avoid mold growing in your home or business. Though it may not seem like a bit deal to have some moisture in the walls, and you might try and get it out by yourself through ventilation, it can cause real damage over time. If moisture is left alone, it won’t just develop into mold, but it will also cause floorboards and two by fours in the walls to bow, and it will ultimately reduce the resale value of your home. It might even present a safety hazard down the road.


You may not know that a water damage cleanup company is not limited to structural repairs, but they can also specialize in repairing or restoring furniture. Water damage can affect almost everything in your home. Wood furniture can bow or could have watermarks on it while upholstery could develop mold or mildew inside the fibers if left alone. A water damage company can restore your furniture to its former glory. Sometimes, especially if your damaged furniture is left to sit for a while with moisture on it before the cleanup crew is called, the damage can be irreversible, but you will be surprised what they can restore. Some items, may not be worth saving, and you might want to list that on your insurance claim to get something new, but a water damage cleanup company will come in handy with the salvageable pieces and family heirlooms.

Mold Removal

You don’t always have to call a water damage cleanup crew for just floods. A restoration company can help with non-emergency things as well, such as mold removal. Mold removal should be dealt with in a professional way, and you really shouldn’t try to get rid of it yourself. A professional will have all the safety gear and the right chemicals to get rid of the mold and they will also be able to locate mold within walls. If you are experiencing symptoms such as a headache or respiratory problems, and you can’t find a reason behind it, the culprit may be mold. Even if you cannot see mold inside your home, it could be within walls, floors, or furniture. Call a professional restoration company to have them come out and try to locate the problem before your symptoms get worse.