Recovering From A Fire Disaster

Fire Damage Restoration Pocatello, Fire Damage PocatelloA fire can seriously ruin the holiday season for you and your family. Once the fire has been put out you may feel a flood of emotions, such as fear, disbelief, and anger over the damage caused to your home and your possessions. Recovering from a fire can be a long and difficult process. Having your family and friend by your side to help you through the experience is certainly a plus, but having a professional fire damage restoration company taking care of the property cleanup and repair process will go along way in alleviating the stress and expense of dealing with the aftermath of a house fire.

Fire and smoke damage lingers and continues to cause damage to your home long after the fire has been put out. Smoke leaves caustic chemicals and particles that eat away at wood, fabric, metals, and electronics. Not to mention the water that was used by your local emergency response crew to put out the fire also adds to the damage already done. If left untreated or if handled incorrectly, your home can suffer even more damage.

Time is of the Essence

If addressed quickly, must of the fire and smoke damage caused to your home and personal possessions can be repaired. However, if left unchecked, items can go from cleanable and repairable to unsalvageable in only a few days. It is important to remember that mold can start to grow in as little as 24 hours after the fire has been put out. Mold damage is whole other beast that brings new health risks and property damages with it.

If your home has suffered a fire damage disaster, follow these steps:

First, call in your team of professionals. We recommend choosing a restoration company before a fire damage or water damage disaster breaks out in your Pocatello home. Pick a local, reputable restoration company, like Restore Rite, and add their contact information to your emergency contacts list.

Next, avoid entering your home if your local fire marshal does not deem it safe to do so. Avoid putting yourself and your loved ones at risk at all costs. We understand that fire damage disasters are time sensitive, but never risk your physical or mental health to try and save your property or belongings.

Note: When the fire damage restoration professionals arrive on site they will be able to determine what items are salvageable and what items should be disposed of.

Once you have clearance to enter the premises move any untouched items from damaged rooms. You will be surprised at how quickly smoke residue and water damage can damage items that were not apart of the initial disaster.

Do not attempt to clean up any of the fire or smoke damage on your own. Fire and smoke damage cleanup processes require expertise, proper gear, and quality equipment to clean up and repair existing damage without causing further damage to your property, belongings, and health.

Always contact a professional restoration company for advice or assistance when dealing with large fire or water damage disasters.