5 Things To Look For In A Water Restoration Company In Blackfoot

water damage cleanup blackfootIf you’re looking for a water damage or water restoration company in Blackfoot, ID, it’s a great idea to educate yourself on what you need and should want out of professional services. You don’t want to choose a water damage restoration professionals that have little to no experience, isn’t certified, employs technicians that are not certified, or have horrible customer service skills. When you hire a professional water restoration company, you want to be secure in the knowledge that you are going to be taken care of, your home or business will be repaired in a timely and efficient manner and that your property will be safe for yourself and for future occupants. Here are 5 things you want to look for when you’re considering hiring a water restoration company in Blackfoot:

Education & Training – Do not be afraid to ask the company for their certifications and qualifications. These are extremely important. A certified company is educated in assessing damage, cleaning up water disasters, drying water disasters, repairing mold and structural damage, sanitization, and making a property safe and livable. Certified technicians are up-to-date on industry standards and are using industry approved equipment for the jobs they do.

Listening – If a business does not want to listen to you or address your concerns, you can’t have a lot of faith that they are looking out for your best interests. A great professional business is going to want to know what all your concerns are and make sure you feel comfortable and safe with them on your property. Safety is a big deal and you should always feel protected by a company you hire.

Up Front Costs & Fees

When you hire a professional water restoration company, you should be given a fair and just quote or estimate of how much the job is going to cost. Any good water restoration professional will work with you to get your insurance company involved and make the whole process as easy for you as possible. If they want to keep their hands out of any of the financial aspect, take it as a red flag. Honesty is what you want and what you should get.


When it comes to water damage restoration, fast and efficient service is key to save and protect your home. The longer they make you wait, the more problems you are going to have. Don’t rely on any company that does not provide emergency water damage restoration services.


You should always be treated with the utmost respect. Common courtesy, honesty, and a pleasant attitude go far in this world and it should always be extended to you. A water damage situation can be extremely traumatic and any skilled technician will understand this and approach you with sensitivity and kindness. If any technician treats you poorly or unfairly, report them to the company or to the technician overseeing the project.

Your property is your future. Invest in it and protect it by knowing what to look for in prime service companies like water damage restoration companies in Blackfoot, ID.

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