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The first thing to do when nasty weather comes your way is to protect yourself and your family. The people in your life are priority number one when things get rough. Sadly, when weather turns against us it can cause immense damage to cars, property and especially our homes. So what can be done when the weather gets the best of your home and causes serious damage?

First, if it’s safe to enter your house, see how bad the damage is. Just because the outside of the house looks like minimal damage has been done doesn’t mean the inside will be damage free. It is staggering the amount of water that can ruin the inside of a house when a broken window is combined with torrential downpour and howling wind.

Make a list of everything you find in each room that is broken. Soggy carpets, broken walls, all of it needs to be listed. This list may grow as professionals go through and look more closely at the damage. It doesn’t mean these professionals are trying to make more money for themselves; many times it takes a trained eye to catch everything that is broken.

When you choose a professional do your research and pick companies with good reviews and high levels of customer satisfaction rather than lowest price. A quality professional restoration company will meet in the middle where price, quality and professionalism will all match. Less than honest companies might quote low then find “hidden” breaks and problems to add to the initial price. While it is common for professionals to find things that you might have missed, be aware and question each new find. Take advantage of free estimates to see how you feel about the company and their workers that come out to estimate the clean-up costs.

It is one of the most frustrating things to have to fix a damaged house, especially when the damage was caused by Mother Nature. If this happens to your house remember to do your homework, choose wisely then let the repairs begin.